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BC Recovery Grant.

Has Covid 19 affected your business? Has you business experienced at least a 30% decline in revenue for a one month period or longer since March 2020?    

If so, O’Mahony Consulting can quickly help you secure a BC Recovery Grant. Your business can be eligible for up to $45,000 in grants. You do not have to pay for our services since the provincial government is providing full funding for registered service providers to assist you. We will help you plan and apply for your grant. It costs you nothing to apply, and you never have to repay the tax free  grant. To apply for the grant you will be required to submit a Recovery Action Plan for your business. Our professional advisers can fully assist you with each step in the this process. We will fully complete your Recovery Action Plan and  grant application with you. Once the application is submitted your payment will be received in a few weeks.

The BC Recovery Grant is available for a limited time only.

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